Kuenssberg vs Corbyn

kuntsbergDuring Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign there was one particular hypercritical, whiny, nasal voice never far away. Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s political editor, has seemingly led a one-woman campaign to portray Corbyn in the most negative way possible. It isn’t merely the stories she focuses upon, but the particular words she chooses in her reports and the way they are delivered. If she was an honest woman (or an least a woman who hoped to move away from the hack-like reputation that is increasingly tainting BBC politics coverage), she would actually take a stance that allows Corbyn to succeed or fail on his own merit rather than persistently trying to find cheap angles and answers of yes/no to complicated questions.

Today’s issue was ‘the nuclear button’. It’s common news by now that Corbyn remarked that as prime minister, he would not push the button that would launch nuclear weapons. Immediately Kuenssberg’s report leapt on it and went on a merry-go-round of interviewing as many members of his shadow cabinet she could find, showing them disagreeing with them. It seems the BBC team are engaged in a little game of trying to juxtapose Corbyn the leader with Corbyn the backbencher and hoping to find as many contradictions in his views and opinions as possible. Kuenssberg didn’t want to address Corbyn’s point that all the nuclear weapons in the U.S. did nothing to stop the September 11th attacks and that the problem of terrorism is not one that can be paralleled with the Cold War or any conflict that relies upon the concept of mutually assured destruction as a deterrent. Kuenssberg ‘s aim is not to disprove Corbyn’s point, but to try and show that his leadership is in disarray, which has been her position since Corbyn became the front runner. It’s record that needs changing because it’s getting boring, unless of course you happen to be interested in the sort of cheap hack politics coverage Kuenssberg is increasingly making her own. Like the rest of the official press rabble she still doesn’t appear to have grasped the point that Corbyn is not willing to play their little games. Or perhaps she has, which may explain the resort to cheap, low-level reporting.