Open Source Socialist Publishing

The premise is simple: classic and current socialist and anarchist literature, elegantly formatted and provided for download at no cost. That is the best way to spread the ideas: A wide range of socialist-anarchist views, there is no specific party affiliation.

There are some excellent radical politics e-books around the internet, but they are either in awful formats: blocks of unreadable plain vanilla text, or stupid formats: bizarrely designed HTML pages. The e-books provided here seek to overcome that by using the design and formatting of readable books (these are supposed to be books after all!) and the fact that they are pdfs means they can be read offline, because not everyone has the luxury of solid, 24h internet connections.

Books and pamphlets will be added regularly, although it takes a little time to overhaul and reformat texts in order to make them into decent pdf books.

Most of the longer articles can be downloaded as a pdf file.

In the attempt to at least publish responsibly there is:

  • No endorsement of outright piracy (if anyone has a complaint or objection about anything here they can make contact to discuss it or get it removed).
  • No simple republishing of existing texts ‘as is’. Everything is read and proofed, reset if necessary and made as ‘eye friendly’ as possible.
  • Choice of texts on the basis of interest-value and quality, not just simple availability.

Please read the notes on the About page.

Any comments or discussion points can be sent here