Open Source Socialist Publishing is about spreading ideas as widely as possible using the proven and accessible medium of the book (and blog), specifically e-books. They are freely available because: (a) Trying to sell things is an obstacle to wide dissemination, and (b) no-one likes to pay for things.

Please note: Only the free-standing, downloadable e-book publications are ‘open’, in the sense that they are free to download and disseminate further, under the license used below for blog content to prevent any possible commercial uses (the free-content entrepreneurs can do their own work!).

All other articles, reviews, news and other works remain essentially the (loosely defined) “property” of Socialist Publishing. The content is licensed under an Attribution—Noncommercial—No Derivative Works 3.0 License Creative Commons License Creative Commons Licence. Any complete re-use or republication of the content doesn’t need to be authorized if you follow the license. I’m not that fussy, in most cases an acknowledgment of the original author and a link to the original article is generally sufficient for fair use.

Except where otherwise noted, any images might be under copyright.

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