UK voters turned away

[UK General Election: SR in Manchester]

Voters in several constituencies have found themselves literally locked out of polling stations before they had the chance to vote. Concerns began when the BBC reported that voters in Nick Clegg’s constituency in Sheffield had been left out as the polling station closed its doors at 10p.m. Since then several other areas: Withington in Manchester, the London borough of Hackney, and Leeds have all reported similar situations, with as many as several hundred voters in Manchester.

David Dimblebey, who is chairing the BBC election coverage, remarked that it was like “third world politics”, a disgrace and that  an Inquiry ought to be carried out. Labour’s Harriet Harmon reportedly has said that some seats could face legal contest if they prove close under circumstances where people hadn’t voted. Peter Mandelson also remarked that as conservative voters tended to vote earlier in the day, whereas Labour voters mainly make use of the later hours, it could show a bias.

The exit polls for the UK’s general election has the Conservatives on a roughly 50-seat lead over Labour, with Lib Dems who were predicted to have performed better, on a exit poll low at 58 seats. The initial prediction is that it will be a hung parliament. This is denied by the Tories, George Osborne, shadow chancellor, said Labour politicians should “get real” based on the exit poll,  though in contradiction also said that it was too soon to call.


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