Tory “efficiency savings” look to benefit cheats

Theresa May seems to have been nominated as the Tory party’s media mouthpiece to try and convince the TV audiences that the Tory “efficiency savings” have something behind them. So it is a great pleasure to watch her stumbling over the holes poked into the rehearsed statements, as she did after falling into the simple trap set by a reporter.

True to form the Tories have directed part of their “efficiency saving”  against an old enemy: the benefit cheats. They expect to reap savings by freezing the benefits payments of claimants caught cheating 3 times; the problem is that over the last year (according to BBC source) the number of claimants caught cheating 3 times amounts to a big fat zero. The number of two-time cheats numbers a modest 69. In short the projected savings based on these figures amounts to £100,000 – which is not even a banker’s bonus and probably not even a worthy dodgy expenses claim. It also suggests that 69  people live for three years on a total of about £100,000 on benefits; food for thought for the rabid lunatics who still delude themselves that receiving income-based Job Seekers Allowance is something similar to the aristocratic notion of being ‘independently wealthy’.

The Tories clearly believe that people are likely to be on the dole for a good three years enough for a 3-year ban to have the intended effect of punishment, which is not surprising considerig that job losses are on the horizon no matter who wins the election, though Theresa persistently dodged that direct question on the BBC’s Daily Politics show yesterday.

A previous post here highlighted the billions of pounds lost through corporate and personal tax evasion via the, by now well-highlighted, offshore tax-havens and the likes of Lord Ashcroft among others. Instead of looking here to recover bilions of owed tax money, the Tories (and in fact every other party) are looking to people drawing a measly state benefit, and as stated the number of cheats (or at least the ones discovered) is not enough to fund an MP’s lunch.


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