The euthenised healthcare plan

So the Obama healthcare plan passed – or did it?  So much of it was cut away and replaced with compromise that it’s hardly recognizable as the proposed plan in many of its incarnations. So everyone gets covered? Well they’ll have to when they’re penalized for not being covered; the very same policy in operation in the Netherlands, another place where the rich get a better standard of care when you get what you can afford to buy. Multi-tier healthcare is not only a US phenomenon, but they both share the dishonour of letting down large large numbers of people in one way or another.

And yet despite the policy debridement there is still a lot there to rouse the ire of those people (including bloggers) who never tire of depicting Obama in front of a USSR flag and ludicrously lamenting the USA’s fall into full-blown communism. After all it’s “socialized” isn’t it? The ability to keep children on a parent policy until age 26 (26 year-old children?!) will either make you strangely happy, or tell you that Obama wants to keep young people in a constant state of irresponsible dependence. Preventing insurers from dropping clients who happen to have the wrong (read: most expensive) illnesses is either a triumph, or a façade when you learn that the same people just get charged more….

And the list goes on.

I suppose it’s not much of a surprise, the American people have become used to electing leaders who do stuff that wasn’t in the promises. If you can’t please all the people all of the time, at least you can please the corporations. It seems the death panels eventually did arrive and came in the form of the people who killed the plan.


2 thoughts on “The euthenised healthcare plan

  1. It’s completely coherent and not meant as a counselling session. When a health plan which is just an ordinary marketized one with some safeguards can get repeatedly referred to as ‘socialist’, that’s incoherent.

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