Dutch tragedy driver acted deliberately

Unlike the mainstream press we here at ossp like to wait for the facts to emerge, even if we have our own suppositions. It had been reported earlier that the city of Apeldoorn was spending over half a million euros on the royal celebrations, which is a large amount even outside a recession. It has now emerged that the driver of the vehicle that has officially killed 4 people, had lost his job and was awaiting eviction from his home. It’s likely he was harbouring resentment at so much money being spent in the name of already rich people, when he himself is having his life dismantled.

It’s just a shame that so many innocent people had to get hurt on a day of revelry while his point was being made.


One thought on “Dutch tragedy driver acted deliberately

  1. Yeah, that’s it. Lose your job, lose your house, get mad and then crank up the car and try and assasinate the Queen of the Netherlands. Not competant for that job, just kill 5 innocents and wound several others. I will bet this is common behaviour for people of his tribe.

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