Car ploughs into crowd during Dutch royal celebrations

Netherlands, Apeldoorn

During the celebrations for  Queen Beatrix’s birthday, a two-day national holiday in the Netherlands known as ‘Queen’s Day’, 14 people have been injured when a car drove into the crowds. It has been assumed that the car attempted to drive into the passing royal motorcade and instead ended up driving into bystanders watching the royal parade.

The emergency services, already on hand for the celebrations, began re-animating some of the victims and others have been transported to hospital. The driver of the car has also been hospitalised.


7 thoughts on “Car ploughs into crowd during Dutch royal celebrations

  1. Little error there, Queen’s day isn’t Beatrix’ birthday, but the birthday of her mother, former queen Juliana.

  2. Queen’s day is the sitting queen’s birthday, even though it refers to Juliana in particular. It’s my country too, and I haven’t been asleep all these years.

    *That’s true Harald, it’s just that people are out the night before and the next day again, so it’s over two days. But you’re essentially right.

  3. A very sad day, queensday is one of those special holiday’s on which nothing bad ever happened. This really will change a lot over here.


  4. Hi, I am sorry to know that such untoward incident happened during the Queen’s day. It turned their revelries into tragedy which is indeed an unfortunate occurrence.
    I think they need to investigate on the matter because it might just be a planted operation by terrorists who were out to sow terror on that day.
    The police has to strengthen its peace and order security next time.

  5. on our local news station (TVGelderland) they said that there are 21 people wounded from who 6 seriously wounded

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