China trims “communism” out of Obama speech

Barack Obama’s first speech as president was designed to convince Americans that rather than America being a spent force, there is an energy in the country that can be tapped – after all America fought off ‘fascism and communism’. Didn’t it?

Well not in China. According to a BBC report the official government website carrying the president’s speech has been purged of the word ‘communism’. China is still having its long schizophrenic moment as the only “communist” country practicing hyper-capitalism and flaunting consumerism. Perhaps they believe that snipping that inconvenient word will reassure Chinese businessmen that Obama still wants to trade with old Cathay and it will be business as usual between the two business partners.

I for one see it as a step forward: after all it’s high time China stopped pretending to communism where there is none.


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