Postman sacked for warning businesses about fraud mail

(NETHERLANDS) A postman in the city of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, was sacked after taking it upon himself to warn customers about fraudulent invoices being sent through the mail company Sandd. The invoices came via a criminal gang posing as the KvK (the Dutch Chamber Of Commerce). The Chamber has already raised the alarm, warning businesses about the scam, including the website operating as, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual KVK. The false invoices totalled around 1.4 million.

The fired postman’s employer Sandd Mail took the ludicrous position that he had interfered with the contents of mail, which is against company policy, a representative said:

“We have to keep to the rules that are laid down in law. We don’t concern ourselves with the contents of post and make no changes to mail itself.If one of our postmen doesn’t want to keep to that, then unfortunately, we must part company. We can’t have postmen daubing things on letters as they see fit”

The postman had warned the businesses using a home-made sticker he attached to the fraudulent letters. Sandd stand by their actions, as ‘upheld by law’. It’s a pity they didn’t concern themselves more with the kind of mail being passed through their hands instead of treating everything they handle as automatically legitimate. Evidently they are more concerned with the revenue generated from fraudsters than with protecting their other capitalist friends—it appears that there really is no honour among thieves, unless they’re generating some revenue for you.

(Sources: Niews Uit Amsterdam, Ravage)


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