Left-News Headlines From Libcom

Tajik construction workers strike in Russia

(RUSSIA) DEC 1: Immigrant workers in Yekaterinburg have been striking after going three months without being paid by a Turkish construction firm. These workers had already taken the place of Turkish workers who refused to continue without pay. The wages total to an amount of over $1 million USD. The authorities have tried to play down the strike.
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APPO prisoner on hunger strike

(MEXICO) NOV 30: A political prisoner has begun a hunger strike in protest against the treatment of political prisoners and worker activists. As of Thursday 27th November, at 21:00 PEDRO CASTILLO begun a hunger strike to demand freedom for himself and the other political prisoners of Oaxaka. The claim is that these imprisoments and repressions are in the interests of the government of Ulises Ruiz and with the obvious complicity of the Federal Government.

Deaths and imprisonments of South American worker activists and trade unions are among the highest in the world.
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Chinese factory workers riot

(CHINA) Nov 26: Chinese workers in Dongguan rioted last week as a result of job cuts and large-scale unemployment. The conservative number was around 500 although government officials claim 2000 took part. Dongguan, a major industrial city, has been badly affected by the global economic crisis. Many of the 7000 companies which have either collapsed or relocated out of China employed workers there. Many of the companies are Hong Kong owned.
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