Socialist Observer #2

Another selected digest of news and editorials from the worldwide socialist press. An antidote to the right-wing crank press and the moderate press censored by their sponsors.


  • A revealing report from Socialist Worker on how the long-term dumping of chemical, nuclear and industrial waste in Somalia’s seas is the real cause behind the rise of the piracy.
  • How the banks will ultimately ignore the advice of the politicians bailing them out.
  • The truth about Britain’s racist BNP: a weak party, divided by dishonesty.

In world news

  • Socialism in the US: is it actually possible? A pamphlet by Pathfinder’s Mary-Alice Waters says ‘yes.’
  • Protests in NY over a brutal immigrant killing and racist anti-immigrant laws in Coney Island.
  • A report from on how America’s hidden hunger problem is becoming more visible.
  • IS reports on protests against education cuts in France & Italy

Download socialist-observer#2 here (980kb).


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